SIP Plus: instant perinatal information for timely decisionmaking, "tailor-made" for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

SIP Plus: instant perinatal information for timely decisionmaking, "tailor-made" for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean
Invitation to the SIP Plus webinar

Date: October 21 | Time: 10:00 am EST

The Latin American Center for Perinatology - Women and Reproductive Health (CLAP/WR) provides the Latin American and Caribbean countries with a renewed digital information system on perinatal health, which includes innovative technologies capable of recording and analyzing disaggregated data at the appropriate time and in the required format. The SIP Plus has improved its architecture to facilitate the collection, classification and analysis of data related to maternal, neonatal and sexual and reproductive health, through the application of data science techniques and information management methodologies.

On October 21, a web seminar will be held to inform about the potential of the SIP in its web version, as a tool to improve maternal, perinatal, sexual, and reproductive health, through the timely use of information collected during the care process and available in real time.

Specific objectives:

  • To understand the basic concepts of interoperability and compatibility of SIP Plus with the digital systems implemented by the electronic governments of the countries of the region.
  • To know the successful experiences of SIP Plus implementation in countries of the region and the ways of adapting it to their pre-existing electronic systems.
  • To learn about the experience of a team of neonatologists who will present the capacity of SIP Plus to generate predictive models using its database and adding artificial intelligence.
  • To learn about the new functions and forms offered by the system, as well as the automatic one-click reports (e.g., report on Robson's 10 groups, health inequalities, near miss, and contraception).
  • Present the new App "MI SIP" to be used by the user as an extension of the clinical consult (includes automatic alerts system, to be able to have the CR in the user's cell phone).
  • Announce the web-based training course for professionals in the filling out and use of SIP Plus as a management and research tool, which will be available for online completion with CLAP/PAHO certification.

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Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in Spanish, English and Portuguese.