Workshop on the use of epidemic intelligence tools for signal detection

Workshop on the use of epidemic intelligence tools for signal detection
Use of epidemic intelligence tools for signal detection

As we’ve seen for COVID-19 and monkeypox, a strong foundation of event-based surveillance is critical for rapidly detecting public health threats all with the objective of early warning and response, and saving lives as the ultimate goal. Therefore, the aim of this workshop is to support the strengthening of event-based surveillance at the national and subnational levels within the Region of the Americas and discuss ways to conduct event-based surveillance.

Objective of the workshop

The objectives of the training are:

  1. Train participants on the use of intelligence search engines and tools for signal detection;

  2. Engage in practical demonstrations of these tools including the EIOS system;

  3. Determine next steps for Member States’ strengthening event-based surveillance and establish coordination processes for continued collaboration following the workshop

More information can be found in the concept note. 



Methodology of the workshop

The workshop will be delivered in a participatory, dynamic manner, including the following methods: lecture, directed discussion, case-based learning, and problem-based and project-based learning. An evaluation at the end of the training session will be administered to participants to request feedback on the materials and methodology.


October 19 -21 Spanish

October 24 - 26 English