Webinar Recording - Brief interventions on alcohol consumption in pregnancy: an experience in Argentina (only in Spanish)

2 Jun 2017

Dr. Aldana Lichtenberger, from Argentina, organized this June 2, 2017, online seminar on the management of alcohol consumption in pregnancy.

She described the consequences of prenatal exposure to alcohol (fetal alcohol syndrome - FAS; fetal alcohol spectrum disorders - FASD) and the prevalence of alcohol consumption during pregnancy in the country. She considered screening and brief interventions (BI) to promote abstinence in this particular population and presented the preliminary results of the effectiveness of BIs in prenatal care services in Argentina. 

For example, 75% of the women in Mar del Plata City reported some alcohol use during the previous year, and 41% of those women presented excessive alcohol consumption. After three months, the BI resulted effective in 92% of cases, both, for achieving abstinence and for maintaining it. Almost all women indicated that the questions were easy to answer, 80% indicated they learned something new, 91% said they would share what they had learned with others, and 75% said they would talk to their doctor about what they had learned.

The Seminar is available on https://paho.webex.com/paho