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Significant advance on consensus to build a contraceptive clinical record in SIP Plus

20 Apr 2021

Montevideo, 04/14/2021, (CLAP/PAHO) - Forty experts from different working areas related to sexual and reproductive health in the area of contraception, convened by CLAP SMR, met virtually to discuss the variables considered relevant to be included in the new contraceptive clinical record of the Perinatal Information System, and to define a set of basic indicators to be reported at the individual (quality of health care), institutional (quality of service), national and regional levels.  

The dynamics of the proposal consisted of presenting to the participants the progress of the system, a proposal for a registry and indicators, and then in working groups the contents were widely discussed, to later reach a consensus in plenary. After this instance, all suggestions will be collected and a specific clinical record of contraception will be developed, which will be located within the SIP Plus, in the continuity of care in the life course of women, a tool that, in addition to guiding individual care, is also to strengthen the exercise of reproductive rights and universal access to health.

SIP Plus is a platform for technical consensus among hundreds of professionals in the region to improve the quality of care for women, mothers and newborns. The data of each pregnant woman and her child are collected from the first antenatal visit, gathering the information of successive events until the discharge of both after delivery.  In this sense, the contraceptive clinical record will be added as another component to provide quality information both to the health provider, following the WHO medical criteria for contraceptive eligibility, and to the indicators of contraceptive needs of the users of the health systems in the region.