With PAHO support, Panama implements the Productive Management Methodology of Health Services and its PERC tool

personal de salud en servicio de salud

Washington DC, 25 February 2024 (PAHO) – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Caja de Seguro Social of Panama (CSS) have initiated a process to strengthen the Management Information System of their Hospitals through the implementation of the Productive Management Methodology of Health Services (MGPSS) and its PERC tool.

The implementation and utilization of these tools enable the measurement of hospital performance, strengthen management skills in decision-making based on information, improve the efficiency in health services delivery, and maximize the use of human, technical and financial resources. To achieve this, the methodology and the tool were tailored to the specific needs and data generation capabilities of the CSS institutions. This adaptation involved the review of data sources, construction of input distribution models, adaptation of production centers, and assessment of current information and statistical systems’ capacities. 

The CSS technical team and the PAHO representation in Panama, conducted a process that included the following hospitals: Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid Hospital Complex, Nelson Collado Hospital, Irma de Lourdes Tzanetatos Teaching Hospital, Pediatric Specialties Hospital Omar Torrijos and Dra. Susana Jones Hospital. These entities now have a system enabling them to measure performance in productivity, efficiency, resource utilization, and costs.

Over 200 individuals from the hospital´s cost and planning departments, alongside 100 members from the CSS central level management teams and technical areas, underwent training.   
Furthermore, a special event was held to present and officially deliver the first hospital performance measurement report supported by the PERC Tool results. Attendants included Edwin Rodríguez Arosemena, Sub Managing Director; Gina Román, National Planning Director; Yelkys Gill, National Director of Health Services, hospital managers; cost operational teams; and the planning area team led by Ana Riviere-Cinnamond, PAHO Representative in Panama and Leah-Mari Richard, Advisor of Health Systems and Services, and Edgar Gallo, International PAHO Consultant.

Through these initiatives, CSS takes another step towards achieving the objectives of the Sustainable Health Agenda 2018-2030 to achieve adequate and sustainable financing, with equity and efficiency, while advancing towards protection against financial risks for all individuals and their families; and strengthen health information systems to support decision-making and policy formulation.