33rd edition of the RedETSA webinars program: "Use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Technology Assessment"

30 Jul 2022
RedETSA webinar

Washington, D.C., 30 July 2022 (PAHO)-The Health Technology Assessment Network of the Americas (RedETSA) held its 33rd edition of the webinar program discussing the topic "Use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Technology Assessment". The event was held on 29 July with more than 210 people from 25 countries. Sebastián García Martí, Department of Health Technology Assessment of the Institute of Clinical and Health Effectiveness (IECS), Argentina moderated the session, with presentations by Brigitte Côté, Institut National d'Excellence en Santé et Services Sociaux (INESSS), Québec, Canada; and Carisi Polanczyk, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Presenters delved into the possible applications of Artificial Intelligence in Health Technology Assessment during the webinar. The most explored now is related to data generation, such as in the screening and extraction phases when carrying out Systematic Reviews or for generating of real-world databases (Real World Evidence - RWE). In addition to addressing the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence as a tool in Health Technology Assessment and decision-making in health, the webinar explored the challenges related to artificial intelligence technologies and their possible incorporation into health systems.

This activity was held in conjunction with the Brazilian Network for Health Technology Assessment (Rebrats), within a program of joint activities with the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The webinar counted on the participation of the Department of Management and Incorporation of Technologies and Innovation in Health and CONITEC, from the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

To view the recording, visit RedETSA’s website here