PAHO Donates Oxygen Tanks to RGD

7 Sep 2021
oxygen tanks Suriname

On Friday 3 August, PAHO donated oxygen tanks to the Regional Health Service in Suriname to support the fight against COVID-19 in Suriname.

PAHO continuously supports the primary health services with necessary medical equipment and supplies. The donation consisted of 15 oxygen tanks of 60 cubic feet volume and 15 oxygen tanks of 110 cubic feet volume all filled with oxygen and 10 medical regulators. The 30 oxygen tanks and 10 medical regulators will provide respiratory support for cases of COVID-19 and for other situations in which oxygen is needed in the health facilities. 

This will be the first of other donations to the RGD (Regional Health Services) to support the response to COVID-19. PAHO will continue to support the expansion and strengthening of patient care for COVID-19 as well the vaccination services throughout the coastal area and the rest of the country.

“The Pan American Health Organization, as the only specialized public health agency in the Region of the Americas, is a committed partner to the Ministry of Health to provide technical cooperation in all areas of the COVID-19 response and will continue to provide support for the identified needs of the health service”, stated Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell, PAHO/WHO representative in Suriname.