Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a multi-island state in the Eastern Caribbean. The islands have a combined land area of 389 km2, and the largest of them, Saint Vincent has an area of 344 km2. The Grenadines consist of seven islands and 23 uninhabited cays and islets. The country is divided into six parishes, including one covering all the Grenadine islands.

Between 1990 and 2015, the population decreased by 2.1%. The population pyramid had an expansive structure in 1990 but has since become more regressive, with a population of only 109,991 in 2012, relatively similar to the 1991 figure of 107,598.

A large majority of the population is of African descent (71.2%), followed by people of mixed (23%), indigenous (3%), and East Indian (1.1%) ancestry. Life expectancy at birth in 2015 was 77.1 years among women and 73.1 among men.

Per capita income in 2013 was EC$ 17,395 (one US$1 equals EC$2.70). The Human Development Index has held relatively steady, reaching 0.719 in 2013. The economy is that of an upper middle-income country dependent on agricultural activity and, to a lesser extent, tourism.

(Source: Health in the Americas+, 2017 Edition)