SDG 3 - Target 3.9

SDG 3: Good Health and Wellbeing - Ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages

Target 3.9: Reduce the amount of deaths produced by dangerous chemicals and the pollution of the air, water and soil

Many of the 2030 Agenda’s principles are well-aligned with the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) priorities and actions, which have been advanced by highlighting equity in PAHO’s Strategic Plan 2014-2019 and mainstreaming the Cross-Cutting Themes of gender, ethnicity, human rights, and equity across all of PAHO’s activities. To this end, PAHO has made great efforts to guide the Region in the implementation of SDGs, particularly SDG 3. Complementing the synergy between PAHO’s existing commitments and those presented by 2030 Agenda, PAHO has taken a series of concrete steps to actively participate in this new cycle of global commitment to sustainable development, making it relevant for countries as they develop their own plans.

 Scientific and Technical Material Related to Target 3.9