HIV Testing Services

HIV testing services (HTS) are a unique opportunity for those diagnosed with HIV to rapidly initiate lifesaving treatment, and for those at high risk of HIV infection to have immediate access to prevention services to remain free of the virus. Approximately 25% of the people living with HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean do not know their serostatus, and around 20% of those diagnosed do not have access to treatment. Testing services are essential to achieving the 95-95-95 treatment targets to end AIDS by 2030.

Synergistically, PAHO promotes HTS within the framework of Combination HIV Prevention, and in line with WHO's essential 5 Cs: consent, confidentiality, counselling, correct test results, connection/linkage to prevention, and care and treatment.

Adopting effective and efficient HTS is a vital element of national HIV responses to achieving and maintaining low HIV incidence. HTS include the full range of WHO recommended services that should be provided together with HIV testing: