PAHO Briefing Sunday May 3 on Influenza Epidemic

WHAT: Briefing on new influenza A(H1N1) outbreaks by Dr. Jon K. Andrus, Pan American Health Organization
WHEN: Sunday, May 3, at 14:00 HS (Washington, DC Time)
WHERE: PAHO. 525 23rd St. NW, Washington, DC (Corner 23rd St. & Virginia Ave)
WHO: Dr. Jon K. Andrus, Pan American Health Organization, regional office for the Americas, World Health Organization
HOW: Briefing will be by Phone-In and in person.

Transmission through Ellluminate (Only requires that you write your name and country: "John Smith - USA")

Conference Details:

Start Time: 14:00 HS
End Time: 15:00 HS   
(Washington Time)
Verbal Passcode (to be given to the operator): PAHOPressCall
Leader Name:  Norman Spirt

Participant Dial-in Numbers.
Generic Call in numbers:

U.S. Toll Free: 888-299-4099
Canadian Toll Free: 866-682-1172
International Toll: 302-709-8337
Country specific numbers (dial exactly as listed from the respective country):

International TF Countries

Argentina   0-800-666-1736

Australia   1-800-077-126

Austria (Mobile Restricted) 0-800-292-170

Bahamas 1-800-205-2851

Belgium 0-800-71340

Brazil 0-800-891-9639

Chile 1230-020-6148

China - North (Mobile Restricted) 10-800-714-0774

China - South (Mobile Restricted) 10-800-140-0750

Colombia (Mobile Restricted) 01-800-518-0325

Costa Rica  0-800-015-0519

Cyprus  800-961-49

Czech Republic 800-700-549

Denmark (Mobile Restricted) 80-884-696

Denmark (Mobile) 80-888-848

Dominican Rep 1-888-751-4420

Ecuador(Mobile Restricted) 1-800-010-510

Finland 0-800-112-589

France 0-800-907-064

Germany 0-800-182-2342

Greece (Mobile Restricted) 00-800-161-220-31561

Hong Kong 800-903-545

Hungary 06-800-13582

Indonesia 001-803-016-1561

Ireland 1-800-625-002

Israel 1-809-450-032

Italy 800-781-190

Italy (Mobile) 800-788-849

Japan 00-531-160-454

Luxembourg (Mobile Restricted) 800-261-27

Malaysia 1-800-813-821

Mexico 001-800-514-9940

Netherlands 0-800-023-1030

New Zealand 0-800-448-553

Norway 800-195-26

Panama (Mobile Restricted) 00-800-226-0032

Poland 0-0-800-111-4702

Portugal (Mobile Restricted) 800-819-642

Puerto Rico 1-866-686-3047

Russia (Mobile Restricted) 810-800-237-51012

Singapore 800-101-1588

South Africa 0-800-998-242

South Korea 00-308-131-585

Spain (Mobile Restricted) 900-947-029

St. Kitts/Nevis (Mobile Restricted) 1-800-205-3047

Sweden (Mobile Restricted) 0-200285821

Switzerland (Mobile Restricted) 0-800-561-209

Taiwan 00-80-112-6691

Thailand 001-800-156-203-9940

Trinidad-Tobago 1-800-205-2851

UAE (United Arab Emirates) 800-017-0435

United Kingdom 0-800-028-1126

Uruguay 000-40-190-111

Venezuela 0-800-100-4022

Verbal Passcode (to be given to the operator): PAHOPressCall
Leader Name: Norman Spirt

Conference Features:
*Participants are instructed to dial in 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
*When dialing in, Leaders and Participants will hold the line for an operator.
*Participants will verbally give their passcode to the operator.
*Leaders will need to identify themselves accordingly to the operator when they dial in.
*The conference will have a Backdoor Line to the attending operator. Please dial 877-709-8255 to establish the connection.

*The conference will have a Question & Answer Session.
*All participants will be muted during the Question & Answer session.
*Participants may reach an operator by pressing *0 on their telephone keypads. Leaders cannot reach an outside operator while in Q&A Mode.

*Participants'  Organization will be taken for the Participant List.
The participants will then be placed into the Main Conference where they will listen to music until the conference begins.

*This conference will be recorded. All recordings are available for 30 days.

Q&A Instructions:
Press *1 to ask a question.
Press # to remove the question from the question queue. 
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