Catalyzing ethical research in emergencies: Recommendations for health authorities

Catalyzing Ethical Research in Emergencies: Recommendations

This technical note presents the recommendations for health authorities included in the Pan American Health Organization publication entitled 'Catalyzing Ethical Research in Emergencies. Ethics Guidance, Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Pending Agenda', which provides direction for strategies and guidelines on modifying ethical oversight processes in emergency situations, ethically monitoring ongoing research in the face of new evidence, and overcoming other ethical challenges that arise when doing research in public health emergencies. It also provides guidance so that the emergency use of unproven interventions outside of a research setting is carried out in an ethical manner. Finally, it includes the lessons learned in the Region of the Americas during the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations resulting from a regional reflection exercise aimed at improving ethical preparation for conducting research during future health emergencies..