PAHO's Human Resources Management (HRM)

Integrity and Conflict Management System (ICMS)
Helping to maintain integrity and resolve conflict in PAHO

What is the mission of the Human Resources Management Area (HRM)?

The Department of Human Resources Management (HRM) supports the goals and challenges of PAHO by providing services that promote a work environment that offers the best conditions of service and retains and attracts highly qualified and committed individuals dedicated to supporting the Organization's mission and goals.  HRM is a strategic partner with PAHO personnel and a change-management agent in support of the Organization.

HRM Department mission is to serve the Organization and its personnel through:

  • Timely actions and decisions;
  • Equitable, clear and innovative processes;
  • Respectful communication and work environment;
  • Inclusive policies that promote work/life balance and staff professional growth;
  • Alignment of HR and the Organization's business strategy;
  • Promotion and support of internal organizational development and change.

Who does HRM report to?

Organizationally, HRM is a Department under PAHO's Office of the Director of Administration. The HRM Department Director reports to the Director of Administration as first level supervisor and to PAHO's Director as second-level supervisor. The HRM Department is part of PAHO's management structure and, as such, does not act independently but is accountable to senior management within the Organization.

What is the level of authority of HRM?

As part of its role in the management of PAHO's human resources, HRM is responsible for certain aspects of PAHO's conflict management processes, including:

  • Counseling and assisting personnel (including management) with respect to preventing, managing and resolving conflict;
  • Working with other members of PAHO's Integrity and Conflict Management System to ensure effective conflict management;
  • Participating as a member of the ICMS Coordinating Committee
  • Advising managers and staff members on their rights and obligations under PAHO's Staff Rules, Staff Regulations, and HR policies and discussing how their concerns might best be addressed;
  • Working with PAHO's Staff Association to ensure that the collective and individual rights of PAHO personnel are protected;
  • Representing the Administration before PAHO's Board of Appeal;
  • Taking decisions based on recommendations of PAHO's Grievance Panel;
  • Taking decisions with respect to the imposition of disciplinary measures for violations of PAHO's Staff Rules and Regulations, policies, and procedures.

What is the level of confidentiality of HRM?

HRM is required to maintain the confidentiality of information and documentation contained in personnel and other HR-related files and will only share such information and documentation in cases where there is a legitimate organizational basis for doing so and only with those persons with a legitimate need to know. In resolving problems, HRM observes the requirements of due process and strives to be objective in reaching decisions but is not considered a neutral body within the Organization.

Who can use the services of HRM?

HRM is available to assist all PAHO personnel both at Headquarters and in the Country Offices and Centers, regardless of the type or duration of their appointment or contract.

When should you contact HRM?

You should contact HRM when:

  • You need clarification as to the specific intent or applicability of a particular Staff Rule, Staff Regulation or policy.
  • You would like assistance in preventing an interpersonal conflict or in resolving one.
  • You wish to report inappropriate or disrespectful conduct by PAHO personnel directed at you or at others.
  • You wish to know your rights under PAHO's Staff Rules, Staff Regulations, policies or the specific terms of your contract.
  • You believe your health or well-being has been affected or is being affected by conflict or inappropriate behavior within your workplace.

How can HRM be contacted?

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