Guyana works towards the regulatory system strengthening of medicines and vaccines

23 Oct 2023
Guyana works towards the regulatory system strengthening of medicines and vaccines

Georgetown, Guyana-18 October 2023 - In the framework of regional regulatory capacity building, a PAHO/IMT mission visited Guyana on 9-10 October 2023 with the purpose to provide continuity to the regulatory system strengthening activities currently underway in Guyana. Particularly, discussions on modernizing their legal framework and the assisted self-assessment against the WHO Global Benchmarking Tool.  

The visit served to provide technical support and learn more about the details of Guyana's draft Drug Act with the national authorities, which will ensure safe, effective, and quality medicines and vaccines for the population. Additionally, it aims to enable an ecosystem conducive to local production. 

The PAHO team met with the Honorable Minister of Health Dr. Frank C.S. Anthony, the Government Analyst - Food and Drug Department and the Ministry of Legal Affairs to discuss the ongoing activities and next steps towards its regulatory system strengthening.  

Guyana highlights the relevance of the work carried out based on roadmaps and the Government's staunch commitment to strengthen institutions and their intersectoral action areas. 

The IMT Department continues to work on strengthening regulatory systems as a public health priority for Member States, also considering the potential role of the regulatory system in promoting the production of health technologies and in responding to health emergencies.   

This mission was possible through PAHO’s partnership with the Government of Canada and the WHO Pandemic Preparedness Programme.