Self-learning course to expand access to tools that enhance health research available in Portuguese

9 Jul 2021
Researchers in Panama. GORGAS

To expand access to tools that enhance health research

The course "Guidelines for the preparation of research reports" is available in Portuguese and was initially launched in English and Spanish.

Washington, DC, July 9, 2021 - To expand access to simple and powerful tools that enhance the impact and visibility of health research, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), through the Virtual Campus of Public Health and in collaboration with the EQUATOR Network, make available the Portuguese version of the self-learning course to increase the value of health research.

The purpose of the course is to promote the use of research and to minimize its waste by providing current research standards to people who plan to conduct, report, edit, publish, or critically appraise research. 

This course aims to improve the quality of research for health projects and increase the impact of quality research in the decisions made to benefit health.  It has certified more than 3,000 users and has more than 8,000 active participants, including undergraduate and graduate students, staff from international organizations and research institutions, researcher teams, editors, and reviewers.

The course has four modules that provide an overview of good practices to inform research processes at every stage:

  • Module 1. The importance of publishing research correctly: being ethical, thorough, and making the editor happy.
  • Module 2. Roadmap for publication guidelines: how to find and apply them.
  • Module 3. Making your work easier to publish; using reporting guidelines to write articles.
  • Module 4. Link research planning, knowledge translation, and policies.

To register, users need to create an account in PAHO's Virtual Campus of Public Health