The harmful use of alcohol challenges the social and economic development of many countries, including those of the Americas. Alcohol consumption in the Americas is approximately 40% higher than the global average. Overall, people in the Americas consume alcohol in a pattern that is hazardous to health. This type of risky consumption is associated with various health and social harms, including over 200 conditions (noncommunicable diseases, mental disorders, injuries, and HIV) as well as domestic violence, lost productivity, and many hidden costs. Harmful alcohol consumption is the leading risk factor for deaths in males aged 15-49 years, yet evidence shows that women are more vulnerable to alcohol-related harm. People of low socioeconomic status are more vulnerable to the negative consequences of harmful consumption. PAHO strives to aid in the formulation of public health policies and interventions to reduce the harmful use of alcohol based on clear public health goals, existing effective practices, and best-available knowledge. We work with countries to develop and implement strategies that will monitor alcohol-related problems, collaborate with countries in the development and implementation of effective policies, and promote research.

Alcohol and Health Webinar Series


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- 18 March, 2020. Webinar: Global Alcohol Policy Conference: what happened and what lessons can be used in the Region

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Unit has resumed the series of monthly webinars on Alcohol and Health initiated in 2019. Click on the link above to get more information about the next session.

This webinar series is aimed at disseminating up-to-date and accurate information about alcohol epidemiology, harms, policies and research in the Region of the Americas and globally, which in turn can be used for advocacy, policy development and implementation. Use the link to access the recordings and presentations of the webinars.

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