Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda is located in the Leeward Islands in the northern Caribbean. It is composed of three islands—Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda (uninhabited)—and covers an area of 442.6 km2.

A full 98% of the population lives in Antigua, including 60% in the St. John Parish and 26% in the capital, St. John’s. Antigua and Barbuda is divided administratively into six regions (parishes) and two dependencies (Barbuda and Redonda).

The population in 2011 was 85,567, reaching 90,755 in 2015. In 1990, its structure was expansive, but by 2015, it had acquired a stationary trend in the under-25 age group, as a result of population aging.

In 2015, 9% of the population was over the age of 65 and 24.3% was under 15. Life expectancy at birth was 75.2 years in men and 80.5 years in women. The population is predominantly of African descent (90%).

The economy is dependent primarily on tourism, which contributes almost 60% of the GDP, as well as on construction and financial services. In 2014, the Human Development Index was 0.783.

(Source: Health in the Americas+, 2017 Edition)