Guide for the preparation of a risk communication strategy for COVID-19 vaccines: A Resource for the countries of the Americas

risk comms covid-19 vaccine

All countries around the world have developed response plans to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the challenges presented by the disease require constant learning and adaptation. It is increasingly necessary to strengthen the risk communication component as an essential tool for providing the population with all of the necessary information about the immunization process. This ranges from clinical trials and the production of new vaccines to the introduction, distribution, and prioritization of groups that need one or more vaccines—according to each country’s definitions and vaccine availability. It also includes universal access to vaccines, once the priority groups have been immunized. PAHO, in its constant, ongoing effort to support the countries of the Americas, is making this document available to facilitate the preparation of a risk communication and community engagement strategy for vaccination against COVID-19. Its goal is to help to strengthen the communication and planning capacities of the ministries or secretariats of health and other agencies in charge of communicating about new COVID-19 vaccines in the Americas.