La Ruta del Movimiento (The Route of Movement), Bogotá, Colombia

28 Oct 2020
Ruta del movimiento

When COVID-19 began to spread in Bogotá, community-based physical activity programmes in public spaces such as the Recreovía (Ciclovía) and Hábitos y Estilos de Vida Saludable were temporarily suspended. In response, the Colombian Ministry of Sports and the District Institute of Sports and Recreation (IDRD) launched The Ruta del Movimiento – an initiative that has helped counteract the sedentary behaviours and falling levels of physical activity in the city triggered by COVID-19 self-isolation.

Making physical activity accessible – to counter COVID-19 restrictions

The Ruta del Movimiento provides free physical activity sessions led by trained instructors in outdoor locations such as the communal areas of apartment buildings, enabling residents to see them from their windows, balconies and terraces and participate at a safe social distance. Locations also include garages or front gardens, as long as safe distances between participants can be maintained. Developed by the Ministry of Sports and the IDRD and funded by city or regional funds, the initiative has been expanded beyond Bogotá to reach the populations of at least 15 cities in the country, benefitting around 18,000 people.

Building future resilience: bringing active living directly to the people

This project will not only support the development of practical responses that promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it may also provide insights for preparing for future pandemics. This in turn will help guide country-specific and international interventions to promote physical activity and active living in general.

Photo: Instituto Distrital de Recreación y Deporte IDRD Bogotá, Colombia