Cardio-Val Health App Launch

3 Dec 2019
App Launch
App Launch
App Launch
App Launch

On 3rd December 2019 the University of Trinidad and Tobago launched Cardio-Val, a mobile health application and website that is geared towards the secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases among Trinbagonians. Cardio-Val was pioneered and developed by the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and funded under PAHO’s IS4H Initiative.

PAHO/WHO Trinidad and Tobago Country Representative, Dr Erica Wheeler had this to say: “Cardio-Val is a project that interests us not only because it looks to develop an area in information systems that is of great interest worldwide (the use of mobile apps and algorithms for prevention and timely diagnosis) but… is an important aspect in the goal of reducing cardiovascular diseases in the region of the Americas because of its growing burden.”

Key significance in this app is the fact it is tailored towards the Trinidad and Tobago population and it is an effort to strengthen its information system towards Universal Health. the mobile penetration rate in TT is more that 150%, indicating that many persons have more than one mobile phone, so having a mobile App will have a greater reach.  

This mobile App addresses a key health challenge in our region. Cardiovascular disease is the greatest cause of mortality and disability in our region and is the highest-ranking cause of death in Trinidad and Tobago, accounting for 25% of all deaths annually!

Among the key speakers at the launch were:

  • Professor Clement Imbert, Deputy Chairman of UTT;
  • Dr. Rohit Doon, Advisor, Health Promotion Communications & Public Health, Ministry of Health and
  • premier Cardiologist, Dr. Ronald Henry.

The launch of Cardio-Val served as a precursor to a Maturity Assessment on Information Systems for Health (IS4H) to be conducted from 3-5 December 2019. This assessment is the preliminary step towards the development of National Health Information Management System as a comprehensive IT solution that will encompass all aspects of healthcare management across the country and will allow all agencies of the health sector to benefit from an integrated technological framework.

PAHO will provided technical support for the Maturity Assessment that will aid in strengthening the Ministry of Health’s stewardship capacity for information systems for health.

Assessment focus:

  • governance
  • strategies and plans
  • legislation and policy
  • data analysis capabilities
  • business and clinical workflow and processes
  • project and change management
  • information technology platforms
  • infrastructure

This assessment will result in the preparation of a roadmap and report according to the PAHO’s renewed framework for IS4H and CARICOM Roadmap for Information Systems for Health approved by the COHSOD in 2017.