PAHO and UNOPS present publication with measures to prevent COVID-19 for construction workers

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Washington D.C. / Panama City, May 8, 2020 (PAHO / UNOPS) - The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) today published new guidelines for workers on construction projects so they can take measures to prevent infection from the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19.

COVID 19 - Preventive Measures on Construction Projects – available only in Spanish at this time – provides instructions that contractors and staff on construction sites can implement during the pandemic to prevent the infection and spread of coronavirus in these workplaces.

It also contains communication materials to post on construction sites, which include tips and solutions to reduce health risks and save lives.

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The publication contains guidelines and suggestions on how to implement prevention protocols, including measures to be taken in the workplace, advice for managers and workers during and after projects, and suggested procedures in case of infection, among others. This covers the screening process when entering a construction project, preventive measures related to the use of transportation by staff, what to do if there are cases of COVID-19, and tips for managing stress in the context of the pandemic.

The publication, prepared jointly by PAHO and UNOPS, seeks to ensure that construction and infrastructure projects have clear, timely, and accurate information, and serve as a reliable source for people working in this sector of the economy.

Likewise, these recommendations will be subject to review by both organizations with the aim of adapting them to any new information and evidence on COVID-19. It will also be adapted to the epidemiological scenarios that may occur, as well as the application of public health measures, such as those related to social distancing.

Having information that also helps protect and prepare for different possible scenarios during the pandemic is essential to limit the spread of COVID-19 on construction sites, as well as the fears related to it, and to mitigate its consequences. These recommendations from both agencies must take into account local recommendations and provisions in applying this guide.