Surveillance, Monitoring and Reporting of NCDs and Mental Health



Public health monitoring or surveillance activities comprise the regular collection of health information in terms of health indicators, the routine analysis of indicators over time, place, and between population groups, the sharing of available scientific knowledge, and the regular dissemination of results.

Good-quality health information is essential for planning and implementing health policy in all countries. Monitoring and surveillance provide health information in a timely manner so that countries have the information they need to fight epidemics now or plan for the future. They are fundamental tools for public health.

PAHO Response

PAHO supports the production, analysis, and dissemination of country-level data to inform and strengthen public health policies, programs, and services. The PAHO NMH surveillance team focuses on the following areas of work:

PAHO provides ongoing technical cooperation to Member States by supporting the development and implementation of standard methodologies for data production, analysis, and dissemination of products that translate data into action. PAHO also supports countries in increasing their capacity for surveillance, monitoring, and the use of data to guide policy and decision-making processes.

The NMH Surveillance, Monitoring, and Reporting team conducts periodic assessments to fulfill PAHO’s mandate to monitor countries’ progress toward the targets and commitments.