Training and Fellowship Program

Training & Fellowship

The PAHO/WHO Training and Fellowships Program (T&F) work with capacity building projects and activities, collaborate with partner organizations on scholarship and training initiatives, and offer practicum opportunities in Human Resources for Health for graduate students and professionals, in the Region of the America.

T&F serves the Region of the Americas as the PAHO/AMRO Regional Fellowships Office and in this role, with a decentralized administration that takes place at the country level.


At the core of its work T&F has served as the WHO Global Fellowships Program's Regional Office for the Americas.

Since it's beginning in 1948, WHO and its Member States have recognized Fellowships as an effective means to prepare a skilled, capable health workforce able to respond to the country's public health needs.  As a technical program, T&F supports Ministries of Health by providing training opportunities for public health civil servants and other health officials to build human resources capacity to ensure quality health service delivery, leading to a stronger health system.


  • Manage and coordinate training programs for WHO Fellows from other Regions who pursue training in the Americas
  • Organize training programs for Fellows from PAHO countries studying in the United States, Canada and countries outside of the Americas
  • Organize study tours in the Americas
  • Provide guidance to PAHO country offices on Fellowships policy and regulations
  • Serve as liaison with the WHO Global Fellowships program at WHO/HQ and the WHO Regional Offices
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