Guyana Youths from regions 8,9,10 trained on reproductive health services and COVID-19

15 Sep 2021
Youth training

The Guyana Responsible Association (GRPA), with support from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and World Health Organization (WHO) Civil Society Project, conducted a two-day advocacy training for the Youth.  The training focused on improving access to sexual and reproductive health services, especially to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic and understanding their Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Youth-friendly sexual and Reproductive services.

Ten participants from regions 8, 9, and 10 attended the Youth training workshop. The trained participants will play an essential role as young leaders in their communities. The areas covered were COVID-19, family planning and LGBTQ health and rights, and HIV.

GRPA will continue to conduct future training sessions with the newly trained advocates for Youth issue areas as mentioned above.

On the final day, participants and trainers were given care packages to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19, which has affected the young people and adults in Guyana.