Countering misinformation about COVID-19

13 May 2020

A joint campaign with the Government of the United Kingdom

13 May 2020 - WHO has joined forces with the Government of the United Kingdom to run an awareness campaign about the risks of incorrect and false information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Stop The Spread” is a global campaign which aims to raise awareness about the risks of misinformation around COVID-19, and encourages them to double check information with trusted sources such as WHO and national health authorities.

Stop the spread

WHO are promoting this campaign in many countries spanning across Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America. The campaign is in support of WHO’s work towards addressing the infodemic of false information about COVID-19 and busting myths about the spread, diagnostic and treatment of the disease.

The UK government will also offer a toolkit of the campaign assets to partner governments to translate and use in their countries, so there is a unified message across governments on this very important topic.

To reach UK citizens abroad, the campaign will run on BBC World News and This is part of BBC Global News’ commitment to donating free airtime to public health bodies and governmental organisations to promote messaging to combat the global coronavirus health crisis.