PAHO/WHO & USAID Donation Champions Community Approach to Combatting COVID-19

16 Sep 2022
US Ambassador Mr. Nick Perry (2nd right) and Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health and Wellness (3rd right) are ready to cut the ribbon for the newly donated mobile vaccination unit. In good spirits and smiling are (L-R) Mr. Alex Gainer, Acting Country Representative for USAID in Jamaica, Mr. Ian Stein, PAHO/WHO Representative to Jamaica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands and Dr. Marion Bullock DuCasse, Advisor for Health Emergencies at PAHO.

Kingston, Jamaica, September 16, 2022 (PAHO/WHO) – The community-based approach to combatting COVID-19 and reinforcing routine immunization has received increased support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) with the donation of a mobile vaccination unit, a corresponding vehicle for field vaccination teams, a GenExpert machine, test kits and a range of equipment to address medical waste management on Friday, September 16, 2022.

The donation valued at US $540,000 seeks to strengthen the national response to COVID-19. Mr. Ian Stein, PAHO/WHO Representative to Jamaica, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, and the United States Ambassador to Jamaica, Nick Perry, delivered the COVID-19 response equipment to Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health and Wellness.

In his address at the handover ceremony, the PAHO/WHO representative highlighted the value of reaching communities with immunization messages and services that influence decision-making and action.

“The pandemic has reiterated the importance of engaging communities and community leaders to promote immunization. After two years, COVID-19 remains a public health emergency amidst downward vaccination trends and the resurgence of vaccine derived polio in the Americas. The community-based approach to immunization remains a key strategy for promoting human health and we are pleased to partner with USAID to support the Ministry of Health and Wellness in the implementation of this strategy,” said Mr. Stein.

He reiterated, “Our work continues to be guided by the PAHO/WHO COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan, and the Health Emergency and Disaster Management Framework; we commit to its ongoing implementation through collaboration with our international partners.”

Under the projects funded, USAID seeks to reduce morbidity and mortality from COVID-19, mitigate transmission, and strengthen health systems, including preventing, detecting, and responding to pandemic threats in Jamaica.

“We are committed to supporting the Government of Jamaica in addressing the needs of the nation,” said U.S. Ambassador Nick Perry. “This critical equipment will improve the ability to detect the virus and reduce the severity of illness from COVID-19, as well as accelerate equitable access to and uptake of effective COVID-19 vaccines.”

While accepting the donation, Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health and Wellness emphasized the importance of partnerships to finance national public health response plans.

“The COVID-19 Response has shown us that it requires a never-before-seen level of resource mobilisation to finance national public health response plans. This is in order to protect public health and, in particular, the health of those with vulnerabilities. This response can only be successful through partnerships,” stated the Health Minister.