PAHO/WHO Kingston Country Office Goes Blue in Tribute to Frontline Workers

22 Oct 2021
PAHO/WHO Building

October 22, 2021, Kingston, Jamaica – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/ World Health Organization (WHO) Country Office in Kingston has gone blue as a special 'thank you' to frontline workers.

Light Jamaica Blue, a United Nations in Jamaica initiative, seeks to increase awareness around UN programmes that have and continue to support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Several public sector organizations and private sector entities are also supporting the initiative.

Lights will run from 6 pm onwards – during the times when many frontline workers traverse the corridors of the country – keeping Jamaicans safe and the heart of the economy beating. The color blue is integral to the United Nations' visual identity and symbolizes peace and unity. 

The PAHO/WHO Country office will remain illuminated in blue until Wednesday, October 27.