Faces from the Americas

New global commitment to Primary Health Care for all at Astana Conference

Regional movement for universal health launched

PAHO Director calls for building alliances to leave no one behind on the road to universal health

Ecuador acoge reunión regional de la OPS sobre salud universal

Caribbean Regulatory System recommends its first generic drugs for sale in the region

Voluntary blood donors are increasing, but the numbers are not enough to ensure sufficient blood supplies

Mesoamerica Ministers of Health Agree to Work Together to Meet Migrant Health Needs

"Women's Access to Social Protection in Health" in a changing world of work

LGBT advocates say stigma and discrimination are major barriers to health

Making health systems resilient to changing needs and threats must be a top priority, says PAHO Director

Directora de la OPS visita Nicaragua

Health leaders agree on actions to improve access to high-cost medicines and protect the health of migrants

Health leaders agree on actions to reduce disaster risks, make health systems more resilient in emergencies

Ministers of health to discuss actions to improve health in the Region

Nicaraguan local health systems to benefit under new project backed by Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and PAHO

OPS reconoce el aumento de la cobertura que logró Bolivia con el Proyecto Mi Salud de atención primaria en salud

Siete países de la región de las Américas se reunirán en Bolivia para intercambiar experiencias en atención primaria de la salud

Special issue of PAHO journal spotlights efforts to improve regulation of medicines in the Americas

Latin America and the Caribbean approaching half-way mark toward goal of 100% voluntary blood donation

Panama seeks to transform its health system, says minister of health in PAHO visit

Investing in health is fundamental for development in the Americas, says PAHO Director

Experts seek ways to boost public spending on health in Latin America and the Caribbean to achieve and sustain universal health

Regional health authorities and experts discuss the quality of health services in the Americas

High cost of medicines can undermine health systems' sustainability