Report on Road Safety in teh Region of the Americas 2015Road traffic injuries in the Region of the Americas accounted for approximately 150,000 deaths in 2010. In the Americas, road traffic injuries are the second leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 24. Deaths and injuries from traffic crashes have an immeasurable impact on families and communities throughout the Americas. Vulnerable road users-pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists-are the most frequent victims of traffic fatalities in all of the Americas' subregions but North America, where automobile occupants are the predominant group.

The Report on Road Safety in the Region of the Americas describes the status of road safety in the Region of the Americas. Countries across the Region are undertaking to improve road safety. Most have designated a lead agency for road safety and have developed national or subnational road safety strategies. Many have strengthened legislation on one or more of the priority risk factors-speed, drink-driving, motorcycle-helmet use, seat-belt use, and child restraint use. However, further progress is needed with legislation such as implementing and strictly enforcing laws on risk and protective factors.

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