Country Capacity Survey Results Tool (Interactive)

CCS tool 2

The NCD Country Capacity Survey (CCS) is the main instrument used to monitor country progress on the NCD commitments. It provides information on the status of country NCD policies, guidelines and programs, and the health system capacity to response to NCDs. This interactive tool provides the results of the 2017 CCS, in a visual manner with charts, maps and tables, and features which allow the user to explore data for each topic, by country, subregion or region.

What is the Country Capacity Survey?

It assesses the country's capacity for responding to noncommunicable diseases. It is a self-administrated questionnaire that countries in the Americas complete every two years.

It is structured in four modules:

1. Public health infrastructure, partnerships and multisectorial collaboration for NCDs and their risk factos

2. Status of NCD-relevant policies, strategies and action plans

3. Health information systems, monitoring, surveillance and surveys for NCDs and their risk factors

4. Capacity for NCD early detection, traetment and care within the health system

How to apply the survey

The online questionnaire is completed by a focal point coordinator, designated by the Ministry of Health of each country. The coordinator should consult with the relevant areas and will be provided with a user name and password to access the survey.