Washington, D.C., November 15,  2019.- After 53 years of operation, the Pan American Health Organization's Expanded Textbook and Instructional Materials Program (PALTEX) concludes its functions on 31 October 2019, as established in the Resolution CD57.R15 adopted by Member States at the PAHO’s 57th. Directing Council.

paltexFor more than half a century, PALTEX has represented a form of technical cooperation to the countries of the Region of the Americas providing nearly 9 million books and other affordable, quality instruction materials to students of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, public health, health engineering, nutrition, environmental health, and other related areas, through more than 500 institutions that train human resources for health.

The major changes that have occurred in educational needs and trends in the training of health professionals in the Region in recent years have led Member States to conclude that PALTEX has fulfilled its mandate.

Sincere gratitude and appreciation is extended to centers and universities that have been part of PALTEX during all these years for their commitment and contribution to the training of human resources in health in Latin America and the Caribbean.

PAHO will continue to support countries and territories within the framework of the Human Resources Strategy for Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage, to develop and maintain the competencies of health workers focused on health or strengthening the PAHO Virtual Campus for Public Health. .

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